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Licor de Membrillo

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#1 reifer



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Posted 07 February 2005 - 08:44 AM

Hey there guys Does any one you know where I can find a tequila called Liquor de Membrillo I live in San Antonio Texas and the only way I can buy it is driving 3 hours to the duty free store in laredo it suck can any one help thanks


Dorian, I set up a separate topic for you so that your question doesn't get lost.
I know Membrillo, which is quince and is sometimes seen as a paste.
I have not heard of Licor de Membrillo but, in doing a google, I found a lot about it as a traditional drink in Michoacan and Durango states.
I've never seen a commercial product but maybe someone else has.
I did find a recipe in case you want to make your own?:

1 kg of quince     
½ lt of water     
700 gr. of sugar     
1 lt of brandy              

Peel the quinces, Remove the heart and chop. Simmer with the
water by 10 min. Remove from the fire and allow to cool.     
Add the sugar and brandy, let it stand for 1 month in a closed
container, shaking it once in a while so that the sugar dissolves.

#2 sapphire



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Posted 04 February 2006 - 01:26 AM

Dorian, we have a newly emptied bottle of "Provincia" brand licor de membrillo here on our breakfast bar. It was excellent--delicate and so light on the tongue that it seemed to evaporate before I swallowed it.

If you only have to drive to Laredo for it, we envy you, because we haven't found anywhere within driving distance where we can get more. It was a gift from contacts in Durango, Durango, and we'll have to go back to Durango to get it.

If you should get to Dgo., look for "1921" brand crema de tequila, also a local specialty. It's great.