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Banhez Mezcal Traditional

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 05:54 PM

Brand Name: Banhez

Producer: Jose Espinosa Garcia
Origin: Village of San Miguel Ejutla, Oaxaca
Importer: MHW, Ltd., Manhasset, NY

Retailer: Andrews Wine Cellars, Oswego, NY. $29.99.
Type: Joven

Distillations: ? Assuming 2.
Gusano: No
Proof: 80
Closure: Fake cork topped with real wood.

Bottle: 750mL tall, clear bottle.
Agave: A blend of espadin (angustifolia) and barril (madrecuixe, or karwinskii)

Visual: Water-clear, no sediment. Medium viscosity. Little to no perlas formed.
Nose: Clean, vibrant agave with low smoke, faintly sweet fruit (pineapple) and a floral note. A bit of salty ocean spray as it opens.
Body/Taste: Smoke remains subtle and clean on the palate, mainly at the back of the throat and in the aftertaste. Agave sweetness and a nice clay pot flavor. Decent heat for a 40%. Saltiness comes into play at the end. 

Aftertaste/Finish: Clay, wood smoke and a gentle burn. The smoke in this one actually reminds me of extremely dark caramelized sugar - like the smoky whiffs you get when it's almost burnt.
Overall Impression: Very likeable for a $30 mezcal. I'd like a little more roast agave flavor and more of the volatile complexity one gets from less-diluted traditional mezcal, but this is an interesting and complex run. I think the Fidencio Clasico isn't quite as complex in the aromatics (pretty sure these are coming from the madrecuixe) but has a leg up on this one in the flavor. Side by side with Mezcal Union, however, this one wins. It's smokier and doesn't have the rubber cement solventy notes I get from that one. Both offer some really interesting aromatics, but fade a bit too quickly on the palate. I'm happy I tried them, but probably would not get either again.

Rating: Good. Perhaps the best 80 proof mezcal I've had. 
Bang for the Buck Rating: Good. A nice intro mezcal.


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