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El Buho

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Posted 15 July 2012 - 02:40 PM

Brand Name: El Buho
Distillery: not indicated, only the importer, Henry Steele Imports, LLC
Type: Joven

Distillations: 2
Gusano: No
Proof: 86
Closure: Plastic cork, topped with wood.

Bottle: 750mL flask-shaped bottle, heavy glass with bubbly "hand-blown" appearance.
Agave:100% Espadin

Other: (from the website)

El Buho is a hand-crafted Mezcal made in the heart of Oaxaca.
Hand selected Espadin agave plants are harvested and then slowly roasted in a stone pit fire between Oaxacan earth and local mesquite for a week.
These pina pieces are then crushed by a burro on a tohona stone mill.
Well water is added to the resulting aguamiel crush and this smoked brew ferments for a few days.
The mash is then double distilled in a fifth generation alembic still, drip by drip.

Visual: Filtered clear, no sediment. good, solid legs, some lasting pearls.
Nose: Medium smoke, a hint of agave mash.
Body/Taste: Good initial sweetness, followed by a slight burn on par with 43% abv. Aftertaste has a pleasant blend of mesquite and a restrained agave mash. Fairly straightforward, but nothing that shouldn't be in a small-batch mezcal. Just strikes me as one that's been blended down (and probably diluted) from several good distillates for the sake of consistency. Certainly understandable, but there's little in the way of a unique signature.
Aftertaste/Finish: Alcohol glow with a bit of burn, despite only a meager lip numbness. Just a bit higher proof would be welcome, say even 45%, but this is a really good mezcal for the $30 price tag.
Overall Impression: Lacking the complexity of some of the high-dollar single village mezcals, but a very pleasant surprise. A serviceable, well-made mezcal, though I think Benesin edges it by the slightest margin. Still, for an every-day sipper, this is a great choice. Despite the friendly advice on the website, I would not "shoot" this mezcal, though mixing might be appropriate.

Rating: Good. Bang-for-the-buck rating: Very good.

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