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Los Danzantes Joven, 100% Agave Espadin

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#1 Iron Chef

Iron Chef

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Posted 06 April 2008 - 06:35 PM

I mentioned in another post that Del Maguey Mezcal has spoiled me in regard to my expectations of Mezcals. While I believe that to be true, I am also discovering other mezcals have much to offer as well. Los Danzantes Joven is not as agressive as Del Maguey, but there is a pureness to the approach and attack that is very impressive. Nice levels of smoke and sweetness on the nose... no bitterness or harsh elements on the palate... very smooth floral, honey, smoke, and agave notes... slight smokiness on the front side that is maintained throughout the finish but is not overpowering. Smokines is key to a good mezcal IMHO. Really nice lip buzz that is likely related to the 42% alcohol level. I mentioned on another thread that I wondered if some of the mezcals on the market are "toned down" to appeal to a wider group of consumers... not sure if Los Danzantes is "mixed down" but I suspect, if so, it is only to the extent the distillers feel the flavor profile can be optimized in regard to balance and attack. I find this to be a top notch mezcal... at ~ $52 it is a nice bottle to have on hand and offers an alternative to the ~ $70 Del Magueys... I would have to rate Del Maguey higher but really this may be a "Ford vs Chevy" perception on my part... pick up a bottle and see what you think! My tastes are different than some, so remember... "on any given Sunday" and " your mileage may vary". Regards, Tim

#2 Wichie13


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Posted 25 January 2009 - 10:31 PM

Well Tim Finally got my hands on a bottle of this stuff and I gotta say I am not disappointed.

I found the smoke to be softer then I expected, and a pleasant balance with actually a bit of a mineral nose that I have yet to detect on a mezcal; along with what I like to describe as a clay cup smell.(which I expect from a good mezcal) I also detect a floral mint nose in the back ground.

Taste is excellent sweet smokie smoothness.

Finishes with a very mild pleasant burn which lingers for me and maybe this is due to the 42 %

I really like the simple, yet functional bottle as well .

Don't like it as much as the DR but worthwhile sipper none the same, thanks IC.

Hahahahaha, as a side note as I am sitting here typing this Laura picked up my snifter smells it and takes a swig... Laura does not like the taste of Mezcal and the Nose totally fooled her.

#3 gabe


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Posted 24 December 2011 - 04:44 PM

Just finished off my bottle of Danzantes Joven, which I've been slowly chipping away at for a couple years. No detailed tasting notes to offer. The two reviews above, by Iron Chef and Wichie, say what needs to be said anyway. This is a softer, more balanced mezcal that is light on smoke and on the sweet side. Some nights I found it to have too little character, but other nights I found it very pleasant and drinkable.

On the whole, it's a bit soft for my tastes (I like my mezcals to be very macho), and at >$50 I probably won't replace the empty bottle. But overall I would give it high marks, and I definitely recommend trying it if you get the opportunity.