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Changes to my blog, this package may be closed

I've been tinkering with Wordpress as a new blog platform for the past week, trying out its features and layout options. Very nice. Flexible, powerful and a lot more social media strength than my current package. I have watched WP develop over the years and it has a respected reputation, as well as a strong user community for feature development. The latest version - 3.2.1 - struck me as a good place to make the change.

For the last two years, I've done my blogging on my home site at www.ianchadwick.com/forum/blog/mumpsimus even though the forum there closed. I haven't used this forum's blog feature for anything but a few minor announcements. I'm thinking of dropping the blog package entirely from the forum once I make the change. Any thoughts?

Big bonus: WP is free. This blog and the associated forum (at www.blueagaveforum.com) isn't. It's not hugely expensive, but after I bought the forum package with the gallery and blog add-ons, I do pay a small annual fee for updates. Need to be more thrifty these days, so every penny counts.

I'll try to get it live in the next week or two, once I've configured all the options and layout to suit me. I'll announce it here, with the new URL, but I'll leave the old blog online for historical reasons. Not sure anyone will want to read the archives, but I'll keep them up. I'd transfer them all over if there was a simple way to do it, but I haven't found any script to automate the process. I'm not up to hacking MYSQL database files and porting entries one-at-a-time.

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