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Blog archives are here, but new blog is moved

A reminder to anyone looking for my current blog. It is at ianchadwick.com/blog along with my Municipal Machiavelli blog. Please change your bookmarks.

Posts made after December 2011 are now on the new blog. This site contains only the archive of older posts...


Changes to my blog, this package may be closed

I've been tinkering with Wordpress as a new blog platform for the past week, trying out its features and layout options. Very nice. Flexible, powerful and a lot more social media strength than my current package. I have watched WP develop over the years and it has a respected reputation, as well as a strong user community for feature development....


New Links feature added

I've added a new feature to allow users to add their own links or favourite sites to the forum. Click on the Links item on the menu bar, top right. It's pretty easy to use, just remember to add http:// to the URL or it will be rejected.


Just a reminder: old blog on old server

Just a reminder that my blog is still on the old server at www.ianchadwick.com/forum/blog/mumpsimus/forum/blog/mumpsimus.

Members who want to create their own blog should do so on this server.


Mumpsimus Blog still on old server

Go to my old server:
To see my blog and the most recent posts.
The blog on this server is not up to date.


Downtown slowly reopening, farmers' market returns, patio causes headaches

Construction proceeds apace downtown. Susan and I walked downtown (with Sophie) early Saturday to see how the newly-re-opened first block looked, do a little local shopping, and to gander at the farmers' market on its first open weekend (and buy a few odds and ends there, and downtown, too).*...


Changing server, please update your bookmarks

The Blue Agave forum has been moved to:
Please update your books marks and use that address for forum posts, gallery uploads and new blogs. Posts, comments and replies made over the May 24th weekend may not apear on the new server due to the...


Another attack of UAS

UAS, in ukespeak, stands for Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. It's a disease that afflicts many ukulele aficionados and drives them to want to own every ukulele they see. It appears to be spread through Web sites and forums that cater to the...


Civil rights at risk with new bylaw

[size="2"][size="2"]It's frustrating when we have a public meeting about an important, new bylaw and it's evident from the discussion that no one else at the table actually read the thing. Councillor McNabb had no idea there even was one, and even had to get up in the middle of the meeting to go outside to look for a...


A new uke and a new site

Posted Image
Spent most of last week working on Web sites, mine and a couple of contract jobs for friends. Haven't done a lot of Web-related work the last few years and I was rusty. I was struggling with some of the CSS elements, trying to remember...


Another in camera meeting I refused to attend

Posted Image
There were two in-camera meetings last night, one which I refused to attend, based on what I read in the confidential material presented to council before the meeting.

I protested in the open session of council about the appropriateness of...


Archiving vintage ukulele music

Posted Image
In the two decades between the end of World War One and the start of World War Two, the ukulele was arguably the most popular musical instrument in the Western world. It was small, relatively inexpensive, and with only four strings it was relatively easy to...


World chess championship: is it getting duller?

Posted Image
Is it just me, or is the current World Chess Championship between title-holder Viswanathan Anand and higher-ranked challenger Veselin Topalov not as exciting nor the games as scintillating as championship matches in the...


Toxic HST launched by province this week

The much-dreaded Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) snuck into our Ontario lives like a nasty thief in the night, this week. Unsuspecting home buyers who expected the HST to kick in July 1, met with a nasty, expensive surprise. Home purchases had another 8% tacked on, as of Saturday, May 1.

So did delayed closing costs, gym memberships, landscaping and...


Newspaper story confusing about patio move

I've been getting some calls about the headline story in today's Collingwood Connection. Seems to some people the opening is murky about who voted for what. Unless you were there, it may not be very clear. The newspaper reported:

[quote]It appears patios in...


Are you being a nuisance? Here's your ticket...

Posted Image
What's a nuisance? Maybe you are. Here's your ticket, pay at the counter.

A nuisance is "a person or thing that causes annoyance or bother," say several [url="http://www.ianchadwick.com/forum/nuisance"]online...


Kids' chess club at Collingwood Library

One of the lesser know successes in town is a small but rapidly growing chess club for kids and teens aged 7 to 18. Run by Tim denBok, this group meets every Thursday at the Collingwood Public Library, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. It's no cost to join, but participants have to register (call 444-5516).

Local sports always get a lot of attention and...


Another successful year for Mother (of all yard Sales)

Used to be yard sales and garage sales were attended by people looking to buy something for themselves. Seems nowadays a lot of the people milling about, picking over the tables, are looking for something to sell.

I got that impression from again working this year's Mother of All Yard Sales, the community-wide yard sale run by the...


Public input on ward systems shut out again

[font="Trebuchet MS"][size="2"]The chance for public input into the local election system was shut down last night by Collingwood Council in a 7-2 vote. The mayor and Councillors Edwards, Sandberg, Jeffrey, Foley, McNabb and Labelle voted no.

I had proposed a referendum question for the 2010 municipal ballot that read,...


Kindle and iPad instead of a library? I don't think so.

Posted Image
Let me pose two riddles. First, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Second, "In this day and age of digital print media and devices such as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's new...

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